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The offices of the Insurance Commissioner is the division that regulates the processing and renewals on insurance licenses in the state of West Virginia. It is a requirement in the state of West Virginia to complete a pre-licensing education course through a state-approved provider before you can take your West Virginia insurance license testing. CPMI is an approved education provider with the state of West Virginia. The insurance license testing can be quite extensive as it covers the insurance laws, rules, and management regulations that are specific to West Virginia for insurances adjusters to solicit insurance. This is just one of the reasons that taking our pre-licensing courses is so ideal before you go to take your West Virginia insurance license test. We make sure our courses have the most updated education materials when we develop each licensing course so that you have all that you need to pass your West Virginia insurance license testing and to help you as an insurance producer to have the knowledge and necessary skills for performing the tasks needed in this profession.

At the end of your education course with CPMI, we will award you with a certificate of pre-license course completion that will be valid for 4 months. You will need this certificate when you go to the testing facility to take your test. To schedule your West Virginia license test, you can go to www.PeasonVUE.com/WV/Insurance, this is also where you will pay the testing fee at the time of making your testing reservation. It is required that when you go to take your test that you bring 2 forms of ID and your valid certificate of pre-licence course of completion. It is also a good idea to be at least 30 minutes early so that you can sign in.

If you are interested in a brief demo of our online course, click here.

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