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Right now is a great time to have a career in the insurance producer industry--the Bureau of Labor Statistics has shown that the last several years have had a steady increase in the job growth for insurance producer; a steady increase is projected over the course of the next several years as well. On top of it being a stable job market right now, the insurance producer's average annual income is higher than the other annual averages in the the United States. There is some appeal to some individuals to become a producer due to the case that many producers have flexible work hours and are able to schedule the times they work. If this is you and you are wanting to be licensed in Washington DC as a Property and Casualty producer so that you can advertise, negotiate, and sell Property and Casualty Insurance policies, then, according the regulations that are in place, you will need to pass the Washington DC P&C exam first. No need to worry on how you will get prepared for this exam--when you take the pre-license course through CPMI, you will have absolutely everything you need to pass your examination. Our P&C courses are easy to follow and have study materials and tools that make learning interesting and effective. Once you have completed all the proper steps and have your Washington DC P&C license in hand, you will be able to start your career as a P&C producer.

Some of the the things you will do as a producer is helping clients by going over their policies with them and explaining the different coverages and areas that they will be protected. You will also help them to determine which policy is the most appropriate for them.

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