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If you are looking into careers and thinking about being a Property and Casualty producer, then you are looking in the right place. CPMI can help you in successfully preparing to take the required Property and Casualty exam. In Washington DC, the unit that regulates producers and the licensing of such is the Department of Insurance, Securities, and Banking. In Washington DC, you must pass the Property and Casualty exam before you are allowed to apply for a Washington DC Property and Casualty license. The P&C exam is around 2.5 hours long and covers a large amount of insurance content, insurance terminology, and the Washington DC insurance laws and procedures .

It is wise, just as with any other big exam, that you take the time and collect the best materials and study guides to prepare--this is where we can help! We offer online P&C pre-licensing education courses that will give you absolutely everything you will need in getting ready to take your Washington DC P&C exam. We have online instructors who are experienced in the insurance industry and that will help guide you through the course. You will have access to your online classes, seminars, and insurance textbooks on the internet and will love the flexibility that you can do your coursework and studying in the hours that are the best fit for you. We have a program that is offered to our students that has questions that are similar to the official P&C exam and will help them in taking as many practice tests as they would like. This is highly used by our students as it helps them in knowing what insurance concepts and insurance materials they need to learn more in or to see if they are ready to schedule their Washington DC P&C exam.

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