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Have you been searching for a Washington DC-approved pre-license education provider? CPMI is just that! We have been approved by Washington DC to provide pre-licensing education courses to individuals that are interested in starting a career in the Washington DC insurance broker industry. When you take your course through CPMI, you will know that you made the right choice--our courses have been proven time and again to be very effective at teaching and helping prospective brokers learn the insurance materials, concepts, terminology, and other knowledge they need to successfully pass their exam the first time. The Department of Insurance, Securities, and Banking is the division in Washington DC that covers all the insurance licensing and regulates the insurance laws and procedures for the area. If you are considering becoming a insurance broker in Washington DC, you are required to first pass the Washington DC insurance broker exam. Whichever line of authority you are planning on getting licensed in is the pre-license course you will need to take and the exam you will be required to pass. The broker examinations are usually 1.5 hours to 2.5 hours long.

As you are taking your broker pre-license course with us, you will be guided by our online professional instructors that are very knowledgeable and helpful to our students as they have experience in the insurance field themselves. We also have online textbooks and online forums and discussions that you can listen or watch anytime that you choose. One of the most popular study tools we have is the practice exam web-based program. Our students have found it a great benefit to be able to take these practice exams that are constructed to resemble the official broker exam that they will be taking. It is very informative for them to see how they score and what areas of the exam they aced or which areas they may need to go and study more on.

If you are interested in a brief demo of our online course, click here.

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