Pre-Licensing for Utah Insurance Testing

Utah License Testing

You must pass your Utah insurance license testing in the line of authority that you wish to apply for your insurance license in. The Utah insurance license test will cover the fundamentals of insurance, terminology, and the Utah insurance laws and procedures. Planning your preparation to study and learn all the necessary insurance information can feel overwhelming--this is where CPMI is helpful! We have pre-licensing courses that will cover everything that you should know to pass your Utah insurance license test the first time. We have had experience in helping thousands of our students to learn the pertinent materials quickly that will be covered on their insurance license testing. With the Exam Advantage program you will have access to online tests and videos. Textbooks and instructors will also be available to you. We also have an online program that allows you to take practice tests that will be similar to your Utah insurance license test. This is a tremendous tool for a student to take advantage of as it will help you gauge your insurance knowledge and determine if you are ready to take your Utah test or if you need to take more time to study specific insurance topics.

When you feel fullly prepared to take your Utah insurance license test, you need to contact PSI Services at to register to take the state test. If you receive a 70 % or higher, that is passing and you then have 90 days to pay the required license fee and submit your Utah insurance license application. All license applications with Utah must be filed electronically, you can do this either via a kiosk at the testing center along with paying the license fee or by applying online at The other materials that are required to apply are the completed Utah license application and a fingerprint receipt.

If you are interested in a brief demo of our online course, click here.

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