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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Thanks for giving CPMI's insurance education courses a try! If you are here, you've probably run into a bit of a snag. Hopefully we can help you out -

How do I login / start my online course?

From our homepage at cpmipro.com click on the Course Login link at the far right side of the navigation bar.

CPMI login

You will be brought to the Courses main page, where you should see an area to enter your username and password. If you don't know your username or password, go here.

Enter username and password

Once logged in you should see a list of any courses you have purchased. Just click on the big blue link with the course name to get started!

I can't find my test or course.

First login to your online course. Now on the left hand side of the screen click on the word Home (located above 'My Home', and below 'Navigation'). Click on your state specific course and that will take you to all of your study material and testing.

My test is greyed out.

Every state has different requirements for what must be completed before a student can take their course completion exam. If your state requires a monitor affidavit, you must complete that form prior to accessing your test.

If your state does not require a monitor, you must fill out the test taker information form before the test can be accessed.

I am clicking on the checkboxes but cannot access the associated course materials.

Checkboxes are to help you track your progress through the course, and should be checked once the associated section has been completed.

To access your course materials, click on the words that make up the course or section name.

I completed a section. Why isn't the checkbox checked?

Just reading through the material one time usually is not enough for a student to have a firm grasp of the often complicated concepts of that lesson.

Students who want to use checkboxes as a way of tracking progress through their course should manually click the boxes once they have decided they have mastered the lesson's concepts.

I completed my pre-licensing course. Where do I get my course completion certificate?

Course completion certificates will be emailed within one business day of completing your test and obtaining a passing test score, except for Ohio which requires all providers to mail original copies of the certificates.

If you need your certificate sooner than that, call our customer service team at the number listed at the top of every page and we will do our best to accommodate your request for an expedited certificate.

I completed my CE course. When will my information be sent to the state?

CE is nearly always submitted within one business day of your course being completed.

If you need your CE submitted sooner than that, call our customer service team at the number listed at the top of every page and we will do our best to accommodate your request for expedited processing.

I can't find my username or password.

When you complete your purchase you will receive an Order Confirmation email from CPMI. Your username and password are in that email. The email is sent to the email address entered when the order was placed.

If you did not receive that email, check your Spam Filter to see if the email somehow didn't go through.

If you did not receive that email and the order was placed on your behalf by another individual, check with them to obtain your username and password.

If you do not see the Order Confirmation email from CPMI in your spam filter, but you know you placed the order and used your own email address, it might be that our system needs a few minutes to complete the user setup process. If you registered more than half an hour ago and still cannot find your access information, please give us a call using the number at the top of every page. Having your order number on hand when you call can be helpful.

Common reasons that your username and password might not have reached you include misspellings or mistypings of the email address while purchasing.

How does the money-back guarantee work?

If you are studying for your insurance exam and are thinking about using our Exam Advantage study program, know that you can take advantage of our 200% money back guarantee (guarantee is not included in the Silver Package purchase). It's easy, and part of the study program we offer to our Exam Advantage students!

Whether you are studying online or using self study, you should have access to the Exam Advantage program. The Exam Advantage require access to a computer. In the Exam Advantage program there are various types of tests that you can take. Practice tests, course completion tests, and our guarantee exam (not applicable to Silver Package purchase).

Students who take the guarantee exam online don't need to worry about sending us their results, we have instant access to your test results. In order to qualify for the money-back guarantee you must score at least an 85% on the guarantee exam (to pass the course, you only need to score a 70%). Once you've done that, you are all set! Go and take your state exam, and if you can show us that you didn't pass the first time (you have to have taken the state exam no more than three days after taking our guarantee exam), we will credit your card or write you a check for twice the amount you spent on our course!

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