South Dakota Insurance Licensing

Courses of Insurance Study for the SD Insurance Exam

South Dakota Licensing

South Dakota insurance licensing is managed by the South Dakota Division of Insurance, a part of the Department of Revenue and Regulation. To obtain your license, resident agents should take an insurance training course and pass the SD insurance license exam before applying to the state DOI.

Insurance Exam Test Simulator

For 15 years CPMI Professional Development, Inc has taken great pride in providing excellent test preparation programs for thousands of individuals who want to pass the insurance licensing exam and become insurance professionals. The online video review, audio CDs and computer test simulation programs make it possible for you to study in the convenience of your own home or office.

The test simulation program that we offer is called Exam Advantage because of the edge that it gives agents preparing to take their insurance license examinations. Take practice quizzes to get the feel for the state exam, or try it in learning mode. There are plenty of advantages and disadvantages to classroom learning. With our online video classroom program, we seek to provide all the best parts of an insurance schooling classroom to our students with all the benefits of self-study.

Insurance Training for the South Dakota Insurance Examination

These exam focused programs have been created to help you memorize and understand the insurance principles, concepts and facts you will need to know to be able to successfully answer the state exam questions. Select the programs that you will help you prepare effectively and pass your state licensing exam so that you will be on your way to becoming an insurance professional.

If you have not held an insurance producer license in another state before applying for your South Dakota insurance license, you will be required to take and pass a state-administered examination for each line of authority in which you will be practicing insurance. There are no pre-licensing education requirements in South Dakota, which means that agents can use any training programs that they desire (or not, if they do not want to). CPMI's insurance education courses, when used properly and studied thoroughly, can significantly increase the likelyhood that an agent will pass their SD insurance exam the first time.

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