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Looking for a pre-license education course to help you in preparing for your South Carolina licensing examination? Don't settle for just any pre-licensing insurance education provider. CPMI is the one you are looking for--we are approved by South Carolina, we have been in this business for a very long time, and have literally helped thousands of individuals in successfully passing their insurance licensing examinations. Our online courses are super convenient for our students; we know how busy life schedules already are and, with our materials, study tools, and a library of seminars and videos that you can watch online, it makes completing your course less of a hassle.

The South Carolina Department of Insurance is the department that covers all the insurance laws and insurance licensing for the the State of South Carolina. The South Carolina Department of Insurance states that before an individual can sell Property and Casualty Insurance as a producer, he or she will need to first pass the state Property and Casualty exam. You will then be able to submit an application to receive your South Carolina Property and Casualty license, at which point you can then start your career as a Property and Casualty Insurance producer. As a P&C producer, you will be working with Property and Casualty Insurance. This insurance is to help in protecting your clients against the loss of property, against damage to their insured property, and against legal liabilities in case of accidental harm to a person or property happens. Of course there is a lot more to insurance policies that just that. As a P&C producer, you will also help your clients with understanding in fuller detail the benefits of their insurance policy and help them in making sure they have adequate coverage for their individual needs.

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