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South Carolina L&H Licensing

To be able to legally sell Life and Health policies, advertise for new insurance clients, or to negotiate Life and Health Insurance policies in South Carolina, you will need to first obtain a South Carolina Life and Health license. The division that oversees all the insurance licenses and protocol in South Carolina is South Carolina Department of Insurance. It is set that in order to receive your South Carolina L&H license, you must first pass the state L&H exam. To properly educated yourself with the Life and Health Insurance concepts and South Carolina laws for insurance and procedures, it is highly recommended for individuals to complete an approved pre-licensing education course. All of the courses that are provided by CPMI have approval by the South Carolina Department of Insurance. When you have passed our course, you will receive a certificate of completion that you can keep for your records and is valid for one year from the date that is on it.

When you feel fully ready to take your exam, you can pay your fees and schedule your South Carolina L&H exam at You will be able to locate which testing site is most convenient for where you are located and schedule a time and date. You will need to take your primary ID when you go to take your South Carolina exam and a secondary ID as well. Once you have successfully passed your examination with a 70% or higher, you will be able to apply for your South Carolina Life and Health license. As a L&H producer, you will be able to work through an insurance agency, or brokerage if you prefer, where you would sell the policies of multiple companies or you may choose to work for a singular insurance company where you sell only their policies.

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