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South Carolina Broker Exam Courses

The South Carolina broker exam is a required exam that an individual must pass before they can then put in for a South Carolina broker license. A broker license is required if you are wanting to represent the selling, advertising, or negotiating of insurance policies in the the state of South Carolina. The unit that regulates all the state's insurance laws and insurance licensing is the South Carolina Department of Insurance. The South Carolina broker exam covers a large amount of insurance information which could easily become overwhelming if you are trying to study and learn it all on your own. Taking a pre-license insurance broker course is a highly favored route to take if you need to prepare for your broker exam; it can help aid with taking the stress out of preparing for your South Carolina broker exam. When looking at different pre-licensing education providers, it is important to make sure the provider is one that is approved though the state of South Carolina and that they have experience in the insurance industry. CPMI is a South Carolina-approved pre-license education provider and we have years in the industry of helping people just like you in preparing to take their insurance broker exam. Not only have we been a pre-licensing provider for many years, but our courses have been constructed from insurance professionals that know what you will need to know not only successfully pass your broker examination, but can provide good start to what you will need to know when you are beginning your career as an insurance broker.

One of the best tools we have is the computer program which allows our students to take practice broker insurance tests that are very close to the broker insurance exam they will be taking. By taking these practice exams, our students are able to see how much of the insurance concepts and material they have retained and the tests can help them in gauging if they are ready to take the official South Carolina insurance broker exam.

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