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The Property and Casualty course that we offer through CPMI is the ideal way for a prospective agent to prepare for the state Property and Casualty exam. Our courses cover all the insurance topics that an individual would need to pass their Rhode Island Property and Casualty licensing exam. We understand how hectic life can be and that it can be difficult to add or schedule anything more into it. With our web-based classes, seminars, and textbooks, you are not required to attend or class at a certain time each day. You are able to work through material and study at your own pace and that is why you will love CPMI's online education Property and Casualty courses. In order to apply for your Rhode Island Property and Casualty license, you must first pass the state Property and Casualty exam. Once you have successfully passed your examination, you can complete an online application for your license. Before you can apply for your P&C license, you must meet the requirements that are set and regulated by the Department of Business Regulation. The regulations are: you must be 18 years of age, pass your state exam, and submit a copy of the original exam, have a background report that was run through the Rhode Island Attorney General's Office within 30 days, and pay your license fee. Rhode Island also has continuing education requirements for P&C producers who already have their license. Every biennial license period active P&C producers must take 24 credit hours and 3 of these hours need to be ethics. Our courses will also meet these hours and will fulfill your continuing education requirements.

Rhode Island is a wonderful state and has a lot to offer, a few fun facts about Rhode Island are: it is the smallest of the states in America, it was the last to become one of the 13 original colonies, and silverware and fine jewelry are some of the things that the state is known for making.

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