Rhode Island Pre-Licensing Health Courses

Rhode Island Health Pre-License

If you are looking for a Rhode Island Pre-License Health Insurance course to help you get prepared for your state Health license exam, then you have found it--CPMI is what you have been looking for. We have been state-approved by Rhode Island as an insurance education provider. The Division of Insurance Regulation is the agency that is appointed to overseeing the insurance licensing distribution and making sure proper protocol and regulations are followed. To become a Health producer in the state of Rhode Island, you will need to first take the state Health licensing exam. The state Health exam is an official test and will test your knowledge of Health Insurance concepts, a large variation of Health insurance basics, and Rhode Island Health Insurance laws.

Before you take any large or important examination, it is always a good idea to study and prepare before hand so that you feel confident and ready when you go to take it. This is exactly what our Pre-License Health courses are designed to do! With the tools and materials we have in our Rhode Island Health courses, by the time you have fully completed our course, you will have learned everything that you need to take your Health exam and apply for your Rhode Island Health license. As a Health Insurance adjuster, you will meet with either existing clients or potential clients and go over Health Insurance policies with them, you will explain the details of each policy to them and go over their individual needs to estimate the best policy for them and what and how much coverage is needed. This can protect them from financial impact in case there is a healthcare need or emergency. A few other things that you would fit in your daily job is handling policy renewals and following up on new client prospects.

If you are interested in a brief demo of our online course, click here.

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