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Being a Life and Health producer has some great advantages. One of them is that you could start making an income fairly quick and studies show that last year the average insurance producers income was higher than that of the average medium income in the United States. With the fear of an economy that can rise and fall, it is also a fairly stable job, BLS showed that until the year 2024 they are projecting the job market for insurance producers to rise as much as 9% each year. It is also a career that you can have some flexibility with your hours, you can choose when to make your appointments, and how many hours you would like to work.

To be a Life and Health producer, you must first obtain a Life and Health license. In Rhode Island, to obtain a Life and Health license, it is required that you pass the state Life and Health license exam. This exam covers a lot of information and can be daunting trying to track down good resources to study and learn from. This is why taking a pre-licensing course is so great--we take the stress out of it for you and have everything that you would require to successfully pass your Rhode Island Life and Health exam. As you're taking our course, you will appreciate that you do not have to stress about making a class or deadlines; with our web-based courses, you can take it at your own speed and all from the enjoyment of whatever location you may be such as your home, office, or even when you're traveling. To be eligible for a Rhode Island Life and Health license, you are required to be at least 18 years of age, have a valid (within 30 days of date on report) background history check done by the Rhode Island Attorney General's Office, have a copy of the original Life and Health exam results showing a passing grade, and show that the license fee is paid in full at the time of applying for your Rhode Island Life and Health license.

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