Licensing for Property and Casualty

Pre-Courses for Property and Casualty in Indiana

When it comes to starting a new career in the insurance industry, there is one name that you can be sure will guide you in the right direction. At CPMI, our specialists are always prepared to work with you throughout our courses and will get you on your way in Property and Casualty Licensing for Indiana. Our team is here to truly educated, so you can feel sound in knowing that you are in our best interests. With many years of experience in these pre-courses, our team has been able to reach out to people all over the country and are we excited for you to get into your new line of work. If you are feeling ready to finally start your new career, then get started today! Secure your position in one of our pre-exam courses by clicking on the course link seen at the top of the page.

We offer a number of courses here at CPMI that you may choose from. We have these options to ensure you feel comfortable and, at the same time, work with the style in which you learn best. Our course options include textbooks and online courses to help you work at the pace right for you. We also offer the materials you will need to complete the course. Also if you prefer, we do have Spanish textbooks and Spanish online courses. We have designed our courses specifically to work around your busy schedule for a less stressful transition. Aside from our pre-courses, we offer courses throughout your career to continue your education, if you deem necessary.

CPMI offers approved pre-licensing education courses; Indiana State requires that you pass a pre-course such as our own before moving on to the exam. We will ensure you receive the full forty hours of instruction that is also required for Property and Casualty Licensing. Testing is held at the Ivy Tech College Testing Facility by PAN.

If you are interested in a brief demo of our online course, click here.

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