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Study to Pass the Indiana Insurance License Exam
Indiana Licensing

Indiana insurance licenses are available in several different categories. CPMI helps individuals become licensed who are seeking to obtain their Indiana Insurance Producer license. We do not currently offer classes for Surplus Lines, Limited Lines or Limited Lines Credit Producers. CPMI Professional Development has been proven to be successful in preparing thousands of agents all over the county to pass the insurance licensing exam, through the use of our many outstanding resources.

Indiana license examination candidates MUST obtain a certificate of completion from CPMI or another approved licensing provider for the line of authority (Life and Health, ) for which they want to become licensed before taking the state administered examination. We can walk you through every step along the way.

Get the Indiana Licensing Exam Advantage

Indiana insurance license exam prep provides the ease of online study combined with the best elements of the insurance classroom. Our online textbooks and video classes teach insurance basics and IN state law on your schedule, at your pace. Traditional at-home class style courses approved by the Indiana Department of Insurance, for use by managers in training new agents or by new agents looking for their own licensing materials. Classes in Life and Health, Property and Casualty, or just Life or Health.

Become a Licensed Indiana Insurance Agent

Our Indiana Department of Insurance approved licensing courses are perfect for students looking to study for their state insurance exam but who prefer to learn on their own rather than attend a licensing class in person. The Exam Advantage test simulator allows students to practice for the Indiana licensing test and learn the material as they go. According to IN state code, any individual who receives any sort of commission or payment for the sale of insurance must be properly licensed at the time the transaction upon which the commission or payment is negotiated. You are encouraged to properly prepare for your licensing examination and to continue your professional education throughout your career.

We also recommend our informative textbooks and online books for self study and as supplemental material to go along with classroom study. We understand that your time is important, so we have filled these books with all the clear and concise basics. Look here for help in understanding all the terminology, laws, definitions, rules, and regulations that you will need to know. We offer training materials that include all area of insurance study including Life, Health, Life & Health, and Property & Casualty. Our highly informative products offer a flexible easy-to-understand course of study.

Indiana License Requirements

Getting licensed in Indiana? It's important to know:

  • You must pass an approved pre-licensing education course (like ours!).
  • Online, textbook, or classroom courses are acceptable.
  • Courses provide 24 hours of instruction per line of authority (40 for Life and Health or Property and Casualty).

After you pass our course, we will provide you with a course completion certificate that you will bring with you to the Performance Assessment Network (PAN) / Ivy Tech College testing facility.

If you are interested in a brief demo of our online course, click here.

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