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Insurance License Testing in Pennsylvania

Before you can apply for an insurance agent licence in the state of Pennsylvania, there are certain requirements you must complete. You will need to complete a 24 hours pre-licensing education course after which you will receive a certificate from CPMI. You can then contact candidate.psiexams.com to register to take your Pennsylvania Insurance Exam. When you go to take your exam, you need to bring a copy of your pre-licensing certificate and valid identification. After you pass your exam, you will be able to apply for your Pennsylvania Life and Health License at the testing center. A credit card will be needed to complete this. All applicants for a Pennsylvania Insurance License will also need to provide fingerprints that will need to be taken at any of the PSI testing centers (there is a $15 fee to process this). You may also apply electronically though www.nipr.com if an exam is not needed. If you are unable to apply online, then you can apply with a paper applicatin; you can go to www.insurance.pa.gov to get all the specifics of what is need to complete this.

What is most important about taking your Pennsylvania Insurance License Exam is to be prepared, and this is where CPMI can help! We have been serving people just like you to for 20 years to have the knowledge to pass the insurance exam the first time. Some of the benefits that you can receive with CPMI are online and textbook courses that also include video review, flashcards, and our exam simulation. Conveniently, this can all be done in the comfort of your own home or wherever you'd like to study, and at whatever time works best for you and your schedule. We offer courses for individuals that are wanting to become an insurance producer for the first time and also for experienced agents that need to fulfill their continuing education.

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