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Classes and Materials Certified and Approved by the Pennsylvania Insurance Department
Pennsylvania Licensing

PA Insurance License training with CPMI Professional Development has experience preparing thousands of students to pass the PA licensing exam on their first attempt for over 12 years. With our self-study and online preparation materials, you too can find out how to learn what you need to pass the Pennsylvania exam at a pace suited to your learning style and speed.

Certified Courses in Pennsylvania

Insurance Licensing requirements in Pennsylvania are determined by the PA Insurance Department. Applicants must finish a minimum of 24 hours of approved pre-licensing coursehours. CPMI is a certified provider of materials, including our Exam Advantage Online as well as Exam Advantage At Home courses for convenient studying at your pace to prepare for the state exam.

Exam Advantage Online - CPMI's web-based classes for Pennsylvania are flexible options for those seeking an insurance license. They enable you to take the material at your own speed, pacing yourself, and studying at your convenience, rather than needing to take time out of your schedule to attend a course taught in a classroom setting. Learn more...

Exam Advantage Textbook - Our self-study insurance training materials, comprised of a state insurance exam simulator, classroom simulators, and self-study textbooks, allow you the benefit of pacing yourself and offering the benefits of a classroom experience, without the hassle. Learn more...

CPMI Professional Development Licensing in Pennsylvania To become an insurance producer in any state, a prospective agent must pass their state's licensing examination. Our goal is to make this as easy a process as possible for you, and to get you to pass the exam the first time you take it with the use of our self-study PA agent training learning materials. CPMI offers all the information you need to learn and pass in insurance books on Health, Life, Life and Health, and Property and Casualty laws. Our experienced professional staff has created additional audio CDs, test CDs, online video reviews, workbooks, and online books to offer the best path to success on the Pennsylvania state licensing exam!

Pennsylvania License Requirements

Getting licensed in Pennsylvania? It's important to know:

  • You must pass an approved pre-licensing education course (like ours!).
  • Online, textbook, or classroom courses are acceptable.
  • Courses provide 24 hours of instruction per line of authority.
  • You must pass your course completion examination with a 70% or better.
  • Course completion exam must be proctored.
  • Proctor cannot be a family member or business associate.

After you pass our course, we will provide you with a course completion certificate that you will bring with you to the Prometric testing facility.

If you are interested in a brief demo of our online course, click here.

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