Insurance Licensing Exemptions in Pennsylvania

Insurance Producer Regulations in Pennsylvania
PA Licensing Exemptions

CPMI Professional Development provides quality insurance pre-licensing training throughout Pennsylvania as well as nationwide. As determined by the PA Department of Insurance, some individuals may find themselves exempt from state licensing requirements.

Most (almost all) individuals seeking to become licensed resident insurance producers in PA are required by law to complete a minimum of twenty-four hours of PA Department of Insurance approved insurance pre-licensing courses (classroom or self-study). This requirement includes at least three hours of approved ethics courses. This mandatory prelicensing education is required by the state as a means of providing an overview of the insurance marketplace to prospective agents.

Some individuals wishing to become licensed may already be considered exempt from the pre-licensing course education and license test requirement, depending on certain types of professional designation that they may hold, or possibly the line of authority (Life, Health, etc.) in which they would like to become licensed. This list is accurage to the best of our current knowledge:

Insurance Licensing Applicants Exempt from Standard Pre-Licensing Test Requirements: CPMI Pennsylvania Insurance Licensing

So now that you know who doesn't need to have the required 24 hours of approved prelicensing study, if that isn't you, than we'd absolutely love to help! CPMI has been working with prospective agents just like you since 1998, with thousands of students who have used our self-study and online insurance education programs to learn and pass their exam the first time!

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