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IL Insurance CE - Hedge Funds Basics (7 hrs)


Hegde Funds Basics - Approved Course
Hedge funds have evolved in an attempt to achieve higher returns as market conditions have changed. Classic hedge funds may invest on margin, employ leverage, use put options, financial futures and/or other derivatives to protect or ‘hedge’ against market downturns. Newer aggressively managed hedge funds have come onto the scene utilizing strategies that are designed to being in the large returns regardless of market conditions. Some hedge funds focus on mergers and distressed companies. Other hedge funds invest in global currency, commodities and stocks and bonds. This course will help the producer working in this arena to understand these sometimes complex issues as well as the risks involved with investing in hedge funds.

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  • Test included.
  • 7 hours of credit.
  • Illinois requires a $1.00/credit hour fee, which is added at checkout.