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Oklahoma Licensing

Oklahoma insurance licensing is regulated by the state Insurance Commissioner through the Oklahoma Department of Insurance (DOI). Before you can take out your agent license (which involves filing some paperwork and paying a registration fee), you will need to take a pre-licensing course and pass the OK insurance license examination.

Insurance Licensing in Oklahoma

While everyone is familiar with textbooks, are you aware that you can have the additional tools of online video review, audio CDs and a practice exam program to make your study time more interesting and effective? Thousands of successful insurance license test takers have used these tools to study for their licensing exam. Everyone knows you don't learn much when your mind is wandering so it is vital that you keep you attention on the material you are studying. The video review, audio CDs and Exam Advantage test simulation programs add variety to your studying, helping you to stay focused so that you can maximize the effectiveness of your study time and learn the material you need to know to pass your insurance license exam!

Maximize how you will study for the insurance licensing exam. Your time is important and you should give yourself the advantage of proven study methods. We provide materials for Life, Health, Life and Health, and Property and Casualty. Our pre-licensing seminars online virtual classroom adds variety to your studying if you are using a textbook course, and can be a whole lot easier than retaking an in-class course. Options for Life and Health or Property and Casualty.

Oklahoma Licensing Exam Guide

Resident producers who are seeking to obtain a provisional license (usually producers who will be self-employed and act as an insurance broker) are required to obtain 8 hours of approved prelicensing education before scheduling their examination. Many larger insurance companies may have in-house training programs that new agents who will be working for those companies are able to attend. If you are taking one of these in-house training programs, they will be required to fax a certificate of completion to the state (called a Approved Training Program Participant Verification form) before you can take the OK insurance licensing examination. Products offered by CPMI for Oklahoma agents are intended as supplemental learning study programs.

The Oklahoma Insurance Department has arranged with independent testing providers to adminster the insurance licensing exam. You can contact the state at 405-521-2828 with any questions.

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