Ohio Pre-Licensing Education Requirement

Agent License Course Requirements in Ohio
Licensing Requirements

Potential insurance producers who are not currently licensed and seek to obtain an Ohio insurance license must first complete a state approved prelicensing course with at least 20-hours worth of credit for each line for which they seek to become licensed.

CPMI can help agents become licensed in the following Ohio insurance lines -

After completing your pre-licensing line requirements with CPMI, we will issue you a Course Completion certificate for each line of authority that you have successfully completed. You must take and pass your licensing exam within 180 days from receiving your certificate or, per state requirement, the course must be retaken and a new certificate issued.

Combined exams require two Course Completion Certificates.

After Your Ohio Licensing Course

When arriving for your examination, you are required to provide 2 forms of signature-bearing identification. One of these must be government issued and include a photo (usually a driver's license). You must also bring your Certificate(s) of Course Completion which will have been provided to you by CPMI upon successful completion of your prelicensing course.

Make sure to make your reservation with the testing center in advance, and it is recommended that you arrive at least thirty minutes prior to your scheduled testing time. If you wish to complete the application process at the testing center, you must also be fingerprinted after passing the exam, and must pay for this service at that time.

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