Pre-License Health In New Jersey

Before you're able to take the health insurance exam in the state of New Jersey, you will need to first complete a pre-licensing course. CPMI can help you complete the hours needed in education and we will also help prepare you for your New Jersey Health Exam. In our New Jersey pre-licensing courses, you will be taught the insurance fundamentals and the insurance laws for New Jersey as well as the broad range of materials you will need to know to pass the Health Exam.

If you are wanting to become a Health Insurance agent and already have a full schedule and don't know where you will fit in the time to attend classes, you will be pleased with our online Pre-Licensing Health courses. We know how busy life can be. You will love how our online classes are convenient and you can decide which hours you can take and all from the comfort of your own computer. CPMI has experts in the insurance field available to help you with your training. The Pre-Licensing Health course through CPMI will help prepare you in being ready and confident in taking your Health Insurance Exam. You will have the ability to decide from several package options. With online textbooks, videos, and all kinds of study materials at your fingertips, by the time you have completed your Pre-Licensing Health course, you will feel good about the knowledge you have gained. One of the best features we have is the state test simulator, with this great tool you will be able to to take practice test that will help you even more in getting you prepped for the New Jersey Health Insurance Exam. If you think you would enjoy working with people and helping them with finding the best options available for them in health insurance, then your career as a Health Insurance producer is waiting for you!

If you are interested in a brief demo of our online course, click here.

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