Life & Health Licensing In New Jersey

If you are considering a career as a life and health agent in the state of New Jersey, you must first complete 40 hours of pre-licensing education. The State of New Jersey Department of Banking and Insurance is in charge of overseeing all insurance licensing in the state of New Jersey. CPMI has online pre-licensing courses that will meet the requirements for you to take your exam and apply for your New Jersey Life and Health Insurance License. With CPMI, we give you all kinds of options to help you choose what will work best for your individual needs in completing your education hours. You will receive the materials needed to cover the state of New Jersey insurance fundamentals and the laws that pertain to the Health and Life License for your exam. We have lots of materials that you can add to your course depending on what preferences you think will best suit your needs. If you are on limited time and need to be able to have flexible hours to study and go over Life and Health Insurance materials, then you will appreciate our online courses. These are geared for people just like you and with the online textbooks and materials that you can review from your own computer and complete during the time you have available. We can help you pass your Life and Health Insurance Exam.

Once you receive your Life and Health License, you will be able to legally sell insurance in the state of New Jersey. As a Life and Health producer, you can choose if you will work for an insurance company (selling their insurance policies) or if you would like to be an independent agent who represents several companies. As a Life and Health agent, you will help find the best policy to fit an individual's or family's coverage needs.

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