NJ Insurance License Requirements

New Jersey Agent License Requirements
Required Pre-Licensing Education

New Jersey is a state with mandatory pre-licensing education class requirements. Prospective resident agents must complete a mandatory number of class hours per line for which they want to become licensed. Online and self-study courses, including those offered by New Jersey approved insurance licensing providers such as CPMI, are approved to count for the required number of prelicensing credit hours, despite being situated outside a classroom environment.

In the state of New Jersey, insurance agent licensing is managed by the Insurance Division of the Department of Banking and Insurance.

Lines and Credit Hours

CPMI provides students with the required number of credit hours of instruction material for each of the following lines -

Although the state of New Jersey does allow agents to become licensed in the single lines of Property or Casualty, this is a fairly non-standard practice. If you desire to obtain a single line license in one of those two areas, please contact us by phone for additional options.

License Renewal

Licenses expiring after January 2007 will no longer expire every 4 years, but will instead require renewal every 2 years. After continuing education requirements have been satisfied, licenses can be renewed online through the Insurance Division's website.

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