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In the state of New Jersey, if you are planning your career as an insurance broker you will need to first take a pre-licensing course to complete your required education hours. With CPMI's Broker Pre-Licensing courses, you can prepare to take your broker exam and complete your education hours. Once you have completed your course and certification exam, you will be given a certificate of completion. On the day of the broker exam, you must present the original certificate of completion when you go to take your broker exam. Once you have received the certificate of completion, you will have two years from the date it was completed to then pass the New Jersey Broker Exam. In the state of New Jersey, the exams are scheduled through PSI; here is their website if you need to contact them:

Once you have successfully passed your New Jersey Broker Exam, you will have one year to apply for your New Jersey Broker License. After you have then received your New Jersey Broker License, you will need to see what the continuing education hours are for you to maintain your broker license. CPMI offers online courses that can help aid you in learning the fundamental broker insurance materials for the state of New Jersey as well as online courses for broker agents that need to fulfill their continuing education hours. There are some great positives for striving to have a career as an insurance broker agent, in recent studies it showed that there will be a 10% increase in projected job growth between the years of 2012-2022. As an insurance broker, you can have the opportunity to make a very desirable yearly wage; on average an insurance broker makes more than the median income in the United States. CPMI's online courses are designed for people like you by professional insurance brokers that know and understand exactly what materials and study information you will need to learn to pass your New Jersey Broker Exam.

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