Nebraska Insurance Agent Licensing Requirements

How to Obtain your Nebraska Insurance Agent License
Nebraska Department of Insurance Agent Licensing Requirements

Resident Producer Licensing

Many of the requirements for individuals residing in Nebraska (you must have your principal home or residence in Nebraska, be able to supply a Nebraska driver's license, etc.) are common to other states as well, including the requirement to have passed a certain number of hours of pre-licensing education pertinent to their intended lines of practice.

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In general all Nebraska Resident Producer applicants must:

Nonresident producers are not required to take a Nebraska pre-licensing course before obtaining a Nebraska insurance license.

Producers obtaining their license in a particular line must complete twenty total hours (17 in the line and 3 in ethics) for every line in which they will become licensed. Becoming licensed, then, in Life and Annuities and Sickness, Accident, and Health would require 40 hours of prelicensing training, seventeen in life and annuities, 17 in sickness, accident, and health, and 6 in ethics).

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