Mississippi Insurance Licensing

CPMI Supplemental Licensing Materials for the Mississippi State Exam

Mississippi Licensing

Mississippi insurance license regulation is handled by the Mississippi Insurance Department. Before you are able to take out your insurance agent license, you should pass an approved insurance education course and then pass the MS insurance licensing test.

Insurance Producer Licensing in Mississippi

Would you like the convenience of classroom type training at a time and place that suits you? Thousands of individuals studying for the insurance licensing exam have chosen the convenience of the online video review program. It can be watched anywhere you have access to the internet, when you want, and you can watch it multiple times to help you memorize the details you will need to know to be able to pass the state licensing test. The audio CDs are the sound track from the video review program and are popular with test takers who want the convenience of listening to the material while they travel, etc.

Thousands of producers nationwide have experienced the Exam Advantage with our test simulation program. Get the convenience of personal learning for the Mississippi exam whereever and whenever are most convenient for you. With diverse learning options, you can customize your personal learning experience to go at your own speed and learn your own way. Now our Virtual Classrooms come with our Exam Advantage test simulator at no extra cost!

Self-Study Mississippi Insurance Training Courses

The Exam Advantage test simulation program has hundreds of practice exam type questions which will help you to learn the necessary information and see if you can correctly answer questions.. The questions include a variety of levels of difficulty. The easiest type of question being straightforward recall of the information from the prelicensing exam course. Other questions will test your understanding of the course information. The type of question generally considered the most difficult, requires you to be able to apply the information you have learned to a variety of insurance situations. The Exam Advantage insurance class program includes all these types of questions to help you prepare to take and pass your insurance license exam.

At present, the insurance prelicensing courses for Mississippi agents offered by CPMI are intended as supplemental programs.

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