Massachusetts P & C Exam

As a Property and Casualty producer, you would be a representative for individuals and/or businesses. You would be helping them find the best Property and Casualty Insurance policies to meet the coverages that they need. To become a P & C producer in the state of Massachusetts, you must first pass the P & C exam. Each line of insurance you desire to sell or obtain a license for requires prospective agents to take and pass a state-administered exam. When you go to take your Massachusetts Property and Casualty exam, it is imperative that you have studied the materials and insurance fundamentals to pass your exam on the first try. It is highly recommended for prospective agents to invest their study time and energy into a P & C pre-licensing course. We are confident that with our web-based courses, textbooks, and learning materials, you will be able to retain and learn the insurance knowledge needed for your Massachusetts Property and Casualty exam.

When you have completed your pre-licensing course and are ready to register to take the P & C exam, you can go to At the testing facility, you will take the exam on computers that are provided and, upon completion, will receive a print out of your exam score report--70% or higher is passing. To apply for your Property and Casualty license, you will submit the original exam score report along with a completed NAIC Uniform application. You will have 12 months to apply for your P & C license after passing your exam. Having a good knowledge of available policies, advising individuals and/or companies on insurance matters, making reports, and searching for new clients are all duties you may have as a Property and Casualty producer.

CPMI is aware of how challenging it can be to find time for a new endeavor. Our web-based courses make it as stress-free as possible and make it so you can fit the education hours in during the hours you have available.

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