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Courses for Massachusetts Insurance Testing

The requirements to be an insurance producer is different in every state and it is up to each state to put forth the guidelines for individuals to become licensed insurance producers. In the state of Massachusetts, prospective insurance agents must pass an exam supervised through Prometric for each line of insurance they wish to be licensed in. The other requirements that Massachusetts has are: you must be a resident of Massachusetts, you must be 18 or older, and you can never have committed an act that would lead to the denial or revocation of an insurance license. In preparing for the Massachusetts insurance license testing, it is a wise choice to sign up for a pre-licensing education course. Taking a pre-licensing course can save you time and money in the long run so you can pass the test the first time and not have the hassle of retaking or repaying for tests. CPMI offers internet-based courses that are very flexible in the learning options and have a pace and schedule that can accommodate you.

To schedule your Massachusetts insurance test, you must contact Register by giving them your contact information and Social Security Number, pay the test fee, and schedule when you would like to take your test. If you need to locate a Prometric test center, you can find all the locations on their website. It is a good idea to be least 30 minutes early for your test and bring a valid ID. After you are finished with your test you will be given a printed test score report. This report will give you detailed information on how you did on your test and overall numerical percentage. You must have 70% or higher to pass and when you take the pre-licensing courses through CPMI. We can help you to pass the first time!

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