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Tip #4 - Direct Mail

Yes, It's old tech, but direct mail approaches do work. And, it's a great passive approach to coordinate with other approaches.

Get a cris-cross phone directory and target the community you want, or send them to current agency policy holders.

Send letters or postcards to 100 (or more) people in the area every month, not knowing which of them might be considering a job change or who might like to start their own business.

Outline the agency opportunity as financially rewarding, socially fulfilling, a great business for achievers. Be sure to include your contact information.

This works, I know. A friend of mine got a letter and told me about it when he learned I was starting to look. The rest is history.

Tip #3 - 21st Century Sales

A great way to sell is a process based on effective psychology. Funny thing, the advisors and insurance agents who are most successful at developing loyal clients, who then serve as advocates, tend to be the most sophisticated sellers. They study their craft and improve their skills. They understand this:

  1. 1) It's not about closing. It's about helping.
  2. 2) It's not a numbers game. If anything, it's a game of relevance and connection.
  3. 3) It's not about benefits. It's based on the prospect's values.
  4. 4) Selling is NOT simple.
Tip #2 - Who Do You Know?

Make a list of the following people you are familiar with and approach them for a career interview. Also, use this list to help nominators think of some names to refer to you.

  1. 1) Business Machine Sales- IBM, Xerox, NCR, Pitney Bowes
  2. 2) Pharmaceuticals
  3. 3) Self-Help courses - Dale Carnegie, Success Motivation Institute
  4. 4) Advertising sales- newspaper, radio, TV, magazine
  5. 5) Stocks, bonds, mutual funds, Commodity sales
  6. 6) Real Estate- residential or commercial
  7. 7) Public Relations - Chamber of Commerce, Jaycees, Convention sales
  8. 8) Charitable organizations - YMCA, March of Dimes
  9. 9) General - autos, clothing, sporting goods, furniture
  10. 10) Banker Dissatisfied (probably less than 3-5 years in the business)
  11. 11) Attorney - Dissatisfied (probably less than 3-5 years in the business)
  12. 12) Teacher or coach - Dissatisfied

Any other sales people, or anyone you know who is dissatisfied with their current situation?

Tip #1 - Be Ready to Talk

When talking to people about nominating (referring) people they know to you as possible agent contacts, make the following list so you will know what to talk to them about:

  1. 1) Benefits to the nominator
  2. 2) Highlights of the agency career
  3. 3) What agents do
  4. 4) How you train agents
  5. 5) Initial to future earnings potential.
  6. 6) Profile of your recruits
  7. 7) The selection process you use.

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