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Producer Training for the Maine Insurance Exam
Maine Licensing

Maine insurance licensing is provided and administered by the Maine Bureau of Insurance. Before you can obtain your resident insurance producer license, you will need to complete any necessary pre-licensing training so that you can pass the Maine insurance agent examination.

Our comprehensive self-study pre-licensing exam training programs are designed by insurance experts with years of experience training agents in Maine at the beginning of their insurance careers. Courses cover everything from insurance general concepts (definitions and types of coverage and policies) to state specific laws and insurance regulations.

Maine Insurance Exam Eduation Courses

Insurance pre-licensing training courses from CPMI are designed to help you study the material for the Maine insurance exam at the speed most convenient for you. Online workbooks and video programs both available with our Exam Advantage Online program are our most popular product, but we also have more traditional textbook based programs for students who prefer to learn that way.

Learning for the state licensing exam doesn't have to be a pain. Study programs from CPMI have been used by literally thousands of licensed insurance agents nationwide. Let us show you how we can help you pass your Maine insurance license exam the first time you take it.

With our Exam Advantage Online classes, agents get everything that they'll need to pass their Maine insurance license examination. For those who prefer a classroom feel, there is our online Virtual Classroom complete with video classes and online textbooks. The At-Home course is our traditional learning seminar, with standard textbooks and optional upgrades including online video review and audio courses for supplemental review. Additionally, use our exam simulator to make sure you are ready for the Maine licensing exam.

Pre-Licensing Insurance Education in Maine

All agents who intend to obtain their license in Maine should complete a prelicensing course in each insurance line of authority for which they are seeking to become licensed (Life, Health, Property, or Casualty). Many agents wish to become licensed in two lines at once will take a combined learning course and then sign up for both exams with the state. Many states choose to contract with private testing providers to provide times and locations to take their agent exams. If you have questions and need to contact the Maine Bureau of Insurance, you can reach them by phone at 207-624-8475.

We are happy to have been able to recently expand our insurance licensing programs into the great state of Maine. If you are an agent or manager who is involved in training multiple agents in a year and would like to speak to us about special pricing arrangements, please call us at 877-601-2273. We would love to talk to you.

If you are interested in a brief demo of our online course, click here.

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