Courses for P & C Licensing in Louisiana

To obtain a Property and Casualty license in the state of Louisiana, you must first complete the steps that they require. The insurance licensing and guidelines are set and overseen by the Louisiana Department of Insurance. The first step would be to sign up for a state-approved Property and Casualty pre-licensing course. Taking a Property and Casualty pre-licensing course along with a minimum of 40 course work hours is required in Louisiana. CPMI is a Louisiana State-approved pre-licensing provider and, by taking our web-based course, you will complete the 40 course work hours as well as learn the insurance materials you need to pass your state exam. Upon passing your state P & C exam, you will then be able to apply for your P & C license. As a Property and Casualty adjuster in Louisiana, once you are licensed, you will need to renew your P & C license by taking continuing education hours. We can help you with these continuing education hours as well. As a Property and Casualty adjuster, you will build a clientele that you will assist in determining the P & C insurance policies that are best suited for the individual or company. You will also negotiate claims, make reports, communicate with underwriting, and keep up on required education hours.

Louisiana is a great place to be an insurance adjuster. A few fun facts about the state of Louisiana are: it has the tallest capitol building of all the states, New Orleans has an elevation of 8 feet below sea level, in 1796 the first opera in America was held in New Orleans, the state nicknames are Pelican State and Bayou State. There are some great benefits that you may have as a P & C adjuster; the possibility of starting to earn an income quickly, you can choose if you would rather work for a company or be an independent adjuster, and a great earning potential!

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