Louisiana L & H Licensing Courses

L & H Licensing Courses in Louisiana

To receive your Life and Health license in Louisiana, there are certain steps you need to take. The Louisiana Department of Insurance is the department that oversees the insurance licensing regulations and procedures. Louisiana State requires all applicants that are wishing to be a Life and Health producer to first take a Life and Health pre-licensing course. CPMI has L & H courses that will benefit you exponentially; not only will you be completing the course work hours, but you will be learning the principles of Life and Health Insurance to prep you for your exam. The Louisiana Life and Health license requires 40 course work hours. When you pass your L & H exam, you can then apply for your producer license. Producers in the state of Louisiana are required to renew their license by taking additional course work hours. Life and Health producers have a wide variety of task or duties they may perform on a daily basis. As a Life and Health producer, you may use referrals or advertising to develop referrals, you will help clients with determining the Life and Health policies that will cover their particular needs, coordinate underwriting approval on coverage and claims, negotiate insurance claims, fill out reports, and stay educated on the newest insurance laws.

If you are considering a career in Louisiana as a Life and Health producer, then here a few interesting facts about the state: Mardi Gras is an ancient custom that originated in Europe and is celebrated in New Orleans, Louisiana is the world's crawfish capital, it has a bridge that is 24 miles long over Lake Pontchartrain earning it the longest bridge across water. Louisiana is a state that has a lot of soul and would be a great state to start your career as a Life and Health Insurance producer.

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