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CPMI Pre-licensing Education for LA Insurance Producers
Louisiana Licensing

Louisiana insurance licensing is a function of the Louisiana Department of Insurance, the state regulatory authority. Before you sign up for the LA insurance license test you should take an approved pre-licensing course. After passing your licensing exam, you will be able to apply for your agent license.

Prelicensing Insurance Education in Louisiana

Get real tools that will help you to pass the Louisiana insurance license exam. The textbook is an important tool, but using the textbook as your only study tool makes the task more difficult than it needs to be. The purpose of the online video review and audio CDs is to help you learn important course content faster and easier than studying the books alone. Insurance professionals guide you through definitions, concepts and types of insurance products and plans.

Licensing courses from CPMI have been used by thousands of agents nationwide to prepare for their state agent pre-licensing examinations. The Exam Advantage test simulator helps you get ready for the state exam with timed practice tests and learning test modes. Self study, whether online or with traditional textbooks, allows licensing candidates to learn at their own speed, at the time that is most convenient for them. CPMI's virtual class online video review is great for a quick refresher or re-watch multiple times for in-depth study.

Louisiana Insurance Licensing Guide

You will not only need to learn the detailed information in the LA exam content outline but you will need to be able to apply that information in various insurance situations that will be asked on the test so that you can select the correct answers to the questions that will be asked. The Exam Advantage exam simulation program is the tool for the job. The learning test provides study by topic and gives an explanation of why the correct answer is the best choice. The timed exams simulate the state insurance licensing exam. When you have completed an exam you can review the results page to see where you need to focus additional studying after your insurance course.

Individual producers are required by the LA Department of Insurance to renew their license every two years on the last day of the insurance producer's month of birth. Before applying to take the Louisiana insurance examination for your individual line of authority you must finish 20 hours of studying, provided by an approved pre-licensing education provider, per line. Life, Health and Accident, Life and Health, and Property and Casualty (also known as P & C) producers therefore would need to complete the mandatory 40 hours of study. There is a fifty dollar fee associated with the examination for individual lines, and seventy-four dollars for multiple line examinations.

CPMI is an approved pre-licensing provider in the state of Louisiana. If you are an agent or manager who deals with agent licensing regularly, contact us by phone at 815-271-8200 to find out more about volume discounts.

Louisiana License Requirements

Getting licensed in Louisiana? It's important to know:

  • You must pass an approved pre-licensing education course (like ours!).
  • Online, textbook, or classroom courses are acceptable.
  • Courses provide 20 hours of instruction per line of authority.
  • You must pass your course completion examination with a 70% or better.
  • Course completion exam must be proctored by a disinterested 3rd party. Proctor cannot be a family member or business associate.

After you pass our course, we will provide you with course completion certificate(s) that you will need to bring with you to the testing facility.

Our school provider number is 9989.

If you are interested in a brief demo of our online course, click here.

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