Insurance License Testing in Louisiana

Pre-Licensing for Louisiana License Testing

In the state of Louisiana, it is a requirement to take a pre-licensing course for the insurance type you are wanting to be licensed in. The course hours vary depending on what your license will be in. All single lines are typically 20 course hours and all double lines are typically 40 course hours. CPMI is a pre-licensing provider and we can offer you pre-licensing courses for you to achieve your education hours and to prep for the insurance license testing. In the state of Louisiana, you are allowed to submit a license application before you are finished with the pre-licensing education. But, in order to schedule your insurance license testing, your education hours must be finished. From the time you complete your pre-licensing course, you will have one year to then pass the Louisiana insurance test. It is super fast and easy to schedule your insurance test though You will be asked for your Social Security Number and to put your zip code in to find a list of testing facilities that are closest to you.

On the day of your Louisiana insurance test, it is recommended to be 30 minutes prior to your appointment. This should allow you ample time to sign in, show valid ID, and be familiar with the testing procedures. You will receive your Louisiana insurance test score directly after you are finished with the test. If your report says successful, then you passed. If your report is a diagnostic report that determines your strengths and weaknesses, then this means you did not pass. We want to help you be confident in you insurance knowledge. By taking our course, you will learn the principles of insurance and when you go in to take your Louisiana license test, you will be nice and ready.

If you are interested in a brief demo of our online course, click here.

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