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LA Insurance Producer Continuing Education

Louisiana insurance continuing education required credit hours must be completed every two years per the requirements of the Louisiana Department of Insurance.

All licensed resident producers must complete 24 hours of CE every two years, including 3 hours of Ethics to fulfill Louisiana insurance license renewal requirements for Life and Health or for Property and Casualty.

At least six hours of the total 24 must be completed in topics pertinent to the agent's licensed lines of authority.

Louisiana Insurance CE Requirements

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Suggested Packages Hours Difficulty
Life & Health Producer Package

5 Courses: Life Fundamentals, Health Fundamentals, Disability Income, Ethics 101, Ethical Insurance Practices

24 Basic
Life Producer Package

4 Courses: Life Fundamentals, Health Fundamentals, Business Life, Ethics.. Handling the Money

24 Basic
Health Producer Package

4 Courses: Health Fundamentals, Business Disability Insurance, Affordable Care Act of 2010, Ethics.. Handling the Money

24 Average
Property & Casualty Producer Package

4 Courses: Property Fundamentals, Casualty Fundamentals, Ethical Insurance Practices, Insurance Ethics 101

24 Basic
Property Producer Package

3 Courses: Property Fundamentals, Flood Insurance, Ethics.. Handling the Money

24 Basic Meets NFIP requirement to sell flood insurance.

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All Lines Life & Health Property & Casualty Life Only Health Only
Course Name Hours Difficulty
Accident, Health & Disability Insurance Fundamentals 6 Basic
Annuity Fundamentals 1 Basic
Avoiding E&O Claims 5 Basic
Business Disability Insurance 3 Average
Business Life Insurance 8 Average
Casualty Insurance Fundamentals 12 Basic
College Planning and Funding 4 Average
Disability Income Insurance 3 Average
Ethics.. Handling the Money 10 Basic Meets Louisiana Ethics Requirement
Ethical Insurance Practices 2 Basic
Floods and Flood Insurance 4 Basic Meets NFIP requirement to sell flood insurance.
Hedge Fund Basics 2 Basic
Homeowners Insurance Valuation 4 Average
Identity Theft 3 Basic
Insurance Ethics 101 2 Basic
Insurance For Residential Properties 3 Basic
Life Insurance Fundamentals 6 Basic
Property Insurance Fundamentals 12 Basic
Retirement IRAs 4 Average
Variable Annuities 3 Basic


Louisiana Continuing Education Exemptions

Limited lines producers who do not require a prelicensing examination, newly-licensed producers in their first license renewal, industrial fire producers, and nonresident licensees are considered exempt from Louisiana insurance CE.

Under federal law, even exempt individuals must take the required LTC course before they can begin selling long term care policies.

Louisiana License Renewal Requirements

Time for your Louisiana insurance license renewal? It's important to know:

  • 24 hrs of CE are required every license renewal period.
  • 3 hrs must be in ethics.
  • Online, textbook, or classroom courses are acceptable.
  • Agents may take only courses approved for lines in which they are licensed.
  • Up 10 CE credits can carry forward for your next license renewal.
  • You must pass your course completion examination with a 70% or better.
  • Courses completion exams are not proctored.

After you pass our course, we will send your completion information to the Louisiana Insurance Department the next business day.

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