Licensing for Life and Health

Pre-Courses for Life and Health Licensing in Maryland

The insurance industry has a large selection of different lines of work to choose from. It doesn't matter what your reasoning may be for entering a new career, regardless if it is personal or for an organization. Here at CPMI, we have some pre-courses designed specifically to work with your moving toward the Life and Health Licensing field of insurance in Maryland. There may be different learning styles throughout your organization; this is why we offer our various courses to better work with with you. Our specialists are always just a phone call away so you can focus on working closer to your goals without stress or uncertainty. With Spanish options also available, you can choose from either the online or textbook courses we have. When you decide to enroll with CPMI you will be able to use our exam advantage test simulator at no extra cost, allowing you to get a feel for not only the amount of time you will be given on the test but also the actual format of the final examination. We provide a convenient video and audio review program if you would like to get some extra practice in before the exam. To secure a spot in one of our pre-approved education licensing courses, click on the course links at the top of the page.

CPMI offers both English and Spanish versions of the online course and the textbook course for Life and Health Licensing. Our video and audio review programs have been professionally designed to teach you all the necessary knowledge required to pass your exam. Also if you do not pass the test on your first try, we will give you your money back.

You are required by Maryland License to pass an approved pre-licensing education course like ours with a seventy percent or higher. Online, textbook, and classroom courses are all acceptable, along with twenty hours of instruction. Maryland Insurance Administration (MIA) regulates all insurance licenses in Maryland.

If you are interested in a brief demo of our online course, click here.

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