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Life and Health Insurance License Exam
Insurance Producer Info for the Life and Health Licensing Exam

Get the Exam Advantage with CPMI

You can be confident CPMI's Life and Health license exam training will help you pass your state licensing exam. Our easy, self-study classes have helped thousands of prospective students just like you to become licensed, with pass rates at or above state averages with expert instruction available from CPMI.

If you plan on selling Life and Health insurance policies, you will need to pass a state mandated prelicensing exam. Let us help you!

Becoming a Licensed Insurance Agent (Life and Health)

Life insurance policies provide coverage or benefits for a designated beneficiary in the event of the insured individual's death, or other covered events, e.g., a terminal or critical illness, and can only be sold by licensed Life insurance producers in any given state.
Accident, Health and Disability policies provide coverage for difficulties people face, such as sickness, injury, or disability.

The Life and Health insurance license programs we offer combine several simple lines of study to help prepare for your state Life & Health insurance exam and get licensed. In each case, we offer materials to cover the insurance basics and state law sections of your exam, with the option to add supplemental study materials (On-line Virtual Class, Flashcards, Audio CDs, the Exam Advantage test simulation program, etc.) to quickly cover the course material in a variety of ways.

Exam Advantage Online Online textbooks and video seminars to quickly learn, and review, the material for your state Life and Health insurance licensing test. Learn more...

  • Online textbooks and videos covering insurance basics and state law.
  • State insurance Exam Simulator to practice for the L & H license exam.
  • Pass the exam or your money back!

Exam Advantage Textbook Like our online program, Exam Advantage Textbooks allow you the flexibility of self-study as opposed to learning in a traditional classroom setting, so you can study when you want it, where you want it, without needing to drive and spend hours in a classroom. Learn more...

  • Easy to understand textbooks covering insurance basics and state law.
  • The Exam Simulator section of the course simulates the format of the state exam.
  • Pass the exam or your money back!

Test Simulator Life and Health insurance prelicense test simulation course is designed as a learning supplement to easily study and review the questions for your state exam from the comfort of your own computer. Learn more...

  • Helpful question and answer format during learning exams provides detailed explanations to right and wrong answers.
  • Timed practice exams help prepare for the state licensing test.
  • Pass the exam or your money back!

There are several insurance license requirements that must be fulfilled in order to practice as a licensed insurance agent in the United States. You must learn the insurance laws, rules, and regulations which govern Life & Health insurance practices at the state as well as the national level and CPMI is extremely qualified to help you in accomplishing that goal. In order to sell insurance each agent must first fulfill the study and testing requirements pertinent to their state, and are often required to obtain their Life insurance license separately from their Health insurance license. (Depending on your state there may be between one and four exams that must be passed to get the life and health insurance licenses). With the use of our clear and concise study material, you will be able to get your Life and Health license on your first try!

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