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Life insurance licenses (for agents, producers, or brokers) are required by any state before an individual is allowed to sell insurance in that state. Courses from CPMI Professional Development are geared towards students interested in flexible study options that are not available from a traditional classroom learning program. Whether you prefer to burn through the material as quickly as possible, or take a more relaxed approach to slowly digest the material, our self-study insurance courses offer what you need.

All agents wishing to provide policies including Life insurance coverage must pass a state administered exam. That is where we can help!

Exam Advantage Licensing Courses Only from CPMI

Get the insurance Exam Advantage with simple at-home or online study guides, hand in hand with our state test simulation program. Our test simulator has two learning modes, one to review the material, and one to mimic the format of your state Life insurance licensing exam.

Exam Advantage Online - Our online study program includes video seminars or online study guides so you can learn however you learn best, online Life insurance review format makes going over difficult sections especially simple. Learn more...

Exam Advantage At Home - Our at-home Life Insurance license course is our most popular product, mixing traditional and modern learning programs all in the convenience of your own home! Get our textbooks and computer insurance Exam Simulator, with the option of additional audio CDs/MP3s, video, and DVD seminar supplements. Learn more...

Test Simulator - The Test Simulator program is a supplementary life insurance licensing learning class on computer, with question and answer format to help more easily retain information, as well as state practice exams so you can be confident and ready when you go to take the real thing. Learn more...

At CPMI Professional Development, we understand that your time is important, and you want to study and pass your Insurance Licensing Exam as quickly as possible. By using our flexible, well designed, and to the point material you will learn all the essential information you will need in a timely manner. We have a proven success rate with thousands of insurance agents all over the United States. Be sure to find the program that is right for you so you can be on your way to becoming a fully licensed and knowledgeable insurance agent. You will not be disappointed!

The state life insurance license exam just got a whole lot easier with professional industry training services from CPMI!

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