Courses for Kansas P & C Licensing

Kansas Property and Licensing Courses

If you would like to sell Property and Casualty Insurance in the state of Kansas, you will need to first pass the Kansas P & C exam. We understand that taking a big exam like this can feel a bit overwhelming; there is a lot of material to cover and learn. This is why taking a CPMI online Property and Casualty license class is such a smart choice. We have been doing this for years and are very experienced in what materials and insurance basics you need to know to pass your exam so you can then get your Kansas Property and Casualty license. P & C licenses are a great way to go as the P & C policies are one of the most widely sold policies. When selling these policies, you are helping clients find the appropriate policy and coverage to protect their property or protect themselves against the possibility of legal liability from the cause of an injury or destruction of someone else's property. Auto Insurance is an example of one of the policies that fall under the P & C policies and another common one is Homeowners' Insurance. You can decide after you have your P & C license if you would prefer to work under a company or agency or if you think that you would prefer to work on your own as an independent P & C agent.

Kansas is a wonderful state to live and make a career in. Here are a few interesting facts about the state of Kansas: the center of the 48 states is in Smith County; Atchison was home to Amelia Earhart; Abilene was home to Dwight D. Eisenhower, the 34th President of the USA; in Garden City, they have a swimming pool that takes up the space of 1/2 a city block.

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