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Courses for Kansas P & C Exam

You must pass the Kansas Property and Casualty exam before you are eligible to apply for a Property and Casualty license. It is highly recommended that before you take your Kansas P & C exam, you take the time to study and review the pertinent insurance materials thoroughly so that you can be ready to pass the exam. That is what we are here for. CPMI offers P & C courses that will assist you in being confident and prepared when you sit down and take your Kansas P & C exam. When you are getting prepared for your Kansas Property and Casualty exam, we know that this can be time-consuming and knowing what information to review can be challenging. This is another reason that taking the P & C course with CPMI will benefit you; we take the guesswork and stress out of it for you. We have been doing this for years and are very experienced in the courses we offer, we have the best insurance materials with all the insurance basics that you will need to know.

The Kansas Property and Casualty exam will consist of 2 parts. There will be a general section that will have the insurance basics and will test your knowledge of insurance, this will be the first section. The second section will contain questions that are more geared around the Kansas insurance law and procedures. You will take your P & C exam on a computer that is provided and, as soon as you are done taking the exam, you will receive a Kansas insurance report that will let you know if you passed or failed. A score of at least 70% is needed to pass. It is important to come well rested and try to arrive at least a half hour early to get situated and signed in before the actual exam time starts. The Kansas Property and Casualty exam generally is around 2.5 hours, so make sure you plan accordingly.

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