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Obtaining a Kansas Insurance Broker License can be a move towards a stable job choice. As an insurance broker, you will have the opportunity to sell insurance to help clients with making sure the coverage they have is adequate for their personal or family's needs. The state you live in and if you want to get a single insurance license or multiple licenses will determine what steps or requirements you will need to complete. Kansas mandates that any individual that desires to sell insurance must pass an exam in the line of authority or authorities they wish to sell in. Before you take the Kansas insurance exam, it is a smart idea to take a pre-licensing course. The insurance field covers a broad range of information and by taking a pre-licensing course through CPMI, you will gain the insurance fundamentals that you will need. By the time you complete our course, you should have an understanding of the basics of insurance, Kansas insurance laws and ethics, and the terminology used in insurance.

In the state of Kansas, you can choose if you want to apply for your insurance license before you take your exam or after. When you are ready to apply for your insurance license, you can do that at Once you have taken your CPMI pre-licensing course and feel ready to take your Kansas Insurance Broker Exam, you can go to to schedule it. Keep in mind that on the day of your Kansas broker exam, you will want to bring 2 forms of signature identification with you and plan on being early so that you can sign in, find your seating and whatever else you may need before the broker exam starts. Depending on which line of insurance you are taking your broker exam for, will determine how long your exam is, but, in general, you can expect that your exam will be 1.5 to 2.5 hours long.

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