Becoming a Licensed Insurance Producer/Agent

Studying for the State Insurance Producer Exam
State Insurance License Requirements

Each state requires people to pass a state administered exam before becoming an insurance producer (agent). Some states require that the license candidate take a prelicense course of study before sitting for the exam, others require only that the candidate find suitable study material and prepare on their own. Whichever method your state uses, find the best method for you.

Which Study Method is Right for You?

Insurance company recruiting managers need to recruit quality candidates for their companies in order to both grow their sales force and to replace those who leave the industry for one reason or another.

According to recent studies, many of these recruiting managers feel that new recruits are looking for cheap study methods, and therefore often look for the cheapest method of study. Others have bought into the idea that everyone needs to go to a class where they sit down with a teacher. Indeed, there are a few states that actually require license candidates to take a classroom course as part of the prelicense requirements. Most states, however, allow license candidates to choose the method of study they want.

Methods of study that are available include online study materials with text and questions, self study books and practice tests, video or audio seminars which simulate a classroom experience, and, classroom courses.

The method that is best for you as a student is the method with which you individually learn best. Some people love to go to a class and sit through several days of study with a teacher. It is best to note that these classes are full of information the teacher must go through, and there is not a lot of time for questions.

The video and audio seminar methods allow the student to bring a classroom-like experience directly into their own home, office, or car. They include books and test simulation programs that help the student use several different study methods in preparing for the exam.

The on-line course material that CPMI offers includes our award-winning videos as well as text and the Exam Advantage test simulation program. The Exam Advantage has about 500 practice questions for each line of insurance- 1,000 for Life and Accident/Health/Disability, for instance.

The Audio CDs are great for people that travel a lot, or for those who want to listen while exercising or working around the house. The Audio Seminar includes books and the Exam Advantage along with the CDs.

Demos Available

We have demos of the videos, audios, Exam Advantage, online course, as well as text book page samples available on our website so you can better decide which of these methods might be best for you.

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