Testing for Insurance License in Tennessee

Pre-Courses for Insurance License Testing

If you are wanting to get into the insurance industry but don't know where to start studying, it's a good thing you found us. At CPMI, we are more than happy to assist you with studying and getting ready for the insurance license testing process. We have programs that will teach you everything you will have to know for passing the test to acquire your license. TN Department of Insurance has approved us as a licensing provider. You must have your license renewed every two years. CPMI has learning tools that have been professionally designed to help make your learning experience not only more time effective but also more interesting than typical courses. Our goal is to teach you what you need to know and get you onto the exam because we know your time is important. We also have handy features like our simulators in both learning and practice exam format to help you refresh or grasp onto new information. You will also get more comfortable with the format of the actual exam by using the practice exam simulator. CPMI offers self-study programs, as well, with help just a convenient phone call away. To start studying, click on one of our course links at the top of the page.

In order to get your license, Tennessee requires that you first pass an approved pre-education course such as our own with a score of at least seventy percent. For each line of authority, courses must provide you with a mandatory twenty hours of instruction. Online, textbook, and classroom courses are all acceptable courses by the state of Tennessee.

Tennessee Department of Commerce and Insurance (TDCI) conducts all Tennessee insurance licensing. Before being able to apply for your TN insurance license, you must first pass a licensing course and the state administered insurance exam. For further questions you can call Tennessee Agent Licensing Section of the TDCI at 1-888-416-0860.

If you are interested in a brief demo of our online course, click here.

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