Testing for Insurance License in Georgia

Prep Courses for Insurance License Testing

If you need to renew your license or are interested in getting your insurance license, you have probably heard about all of the requirements. CPMI has all of the qualifications and is fully prepared to help you study and get you on your way to the insurance license testing for Georgia. Among the requirements, it states that you must pass an approved pre-licensing education course before you are allowed to take the exam. At CPMI, we go above and beyond the requirements, you can be sure that after you take our course not only will you be ready to tackle the final exam, but also excel in your career in the insurance industry. With options such as our exam advantage test simulator, you will be able to check your progress along the way and know exactly just how prepared you actually are. At CPMI, we are flexible in the way that our courses and programs are set up, so if you prefer to work from the convenience of your own home, that is no problem with us. Don't waste another moment, click on the course link of your choice at the top of the page and start studying today.

No matter what line of authority you choose to pursue as your career, CPMI has self-study classes with help from our experts just a phone call away. You can also check out our online video or audio courses that will go over general concepts for each line of authority. All of our online video courses have the added bonus of the insurance exam advantage test tutor program which can be very helpful. The state of Georgia requires that you pass an approved pre-license education course with at least a score of seventy percent. Online, textbook, and classroom courses will all be accepted. If you are unsuccessful on the final exam after taking one of our courses, CPMI offers a money-back guarantee and will give you a refund for the course.

If you are interested in a brief demo of our online course, click here.

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