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Insurance license classes in our Exam Advantage programs are designed with you in mind. At CPMI we understand that every student is different, learns at their own pace, and is often able to best focus outside of a noisy classroom without all of the distractions.

That is why since 1998 CPMI has pioneered our Exam Advantage study program, to allow students the freedom to learn at their own speed to quickly pass through the material, slowly review those areas of study that need special attention, and get the kind of one-on-one support you can get from qualified, experienced customer service personnel, just a phone call away, that you could never hope to get in a crowded classroom. CPMI Producer Licensing

It is our job to keep current with the latest trends in insurance regulation, statutes, and state licensing requirements, so that you can quickly learn those key points in our straightforward, easy to retain self-study insurance license class platform. We offer online and traditional (textbook, online video seminar, Audio CD) classes in Life, Health, Life/Health, and Property/Casualty.

Exam Advantage Online - Our web-based licensing classes provide flexible options for those seeking an insurance license and feel comfortable with an online platform. They enable you to take the material at your own speed, pacing yourself, and studying at your convenience, rather than needing to take time out of your schedule to attend a course taught in a classroom setting. Online courses include online textbooks and video classes.

Exam Advantage At Home - Our premier self-study platform, Exam Advantage At Home can be almost anything you want it to be. Want to study in a book to quickly cover the material? We have a program for that. Do you prefer the personal feel of a traditional insurance license classroom? Try our online video classes. Just want something you can put into the CD player during a long drive, or during your daily commute? Our multi-media pre-licensing materials will help you learn everything you need to become a licensed agent in no time.

Insurance License Classes from CPMI Our insurance license classes are great for any student looking to prepare for their state's licensing exam. Get licensed so you can start providing policies and insurance coverage in your state.


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