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Insurance Continuing Education Courses
Insurance Agent License Renewal & Insurance CE

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Continuing Education for Insurance Producer License Renewals

Insurance continuing education (also known as insurance CE) is required for insurance producers in states with license renewal education requirements, most often on an annual or biennial basis.

Different states can have very different requirements, so insurance continuing education programs vary widely from one state to another. To learn more about insurance continuing ed in your area, including insurance license renewal requirements, call us at 815-271-8200 or you can find more information on our website.

Online & Textbook Continuing Education Courses

We provide a variety of insurance continuing education courses both online and in traditional textbook format.

All the insurance CE programs that we offer have been approved (where necessary) in the states for which continuing ed services are offered.

Great Prices

Most state packages for $39.95 plus state submission fees, where applicable.

Timely Reporting

We report completion within one business day. See CPMI Course Submission Policy for more information


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