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Becoming an insurance broker is not as difficult as you probably imagined. Let us help you with the studying portion of the process and we will guarantee that you pass the exam on your first attempt or we will give you your money back. CPMI is able to work around your busy schedule with the way that our courses have been set up so there is no excuse for postponing your education any further. Designed by professionals, our courses will give you all of the tools and knowledge that you must know in order to pass the Insurance Broker Exam and be successful in your career as well. The online and offline courses that we offer allow us to work with you regardless of what your learning style may be. CPMI can accommodate your needs whether you are coming to us as an individual, part of a large group, or a manager planning on licensing people throughout the year. Our specialists have years of experience working with students and will be there throughout your course to ensure you pass and are able to move onto the exam. We provide review programs aside from our courses for convenient extra studying for the exam. The sooner you start studying, the sooner you'll be an insurance broker. To secure your place in one of our courses, click on the course link of your choice at the top of the page.

CPMI is an approved pre-licensing educator and is able to work with you to help you complete all of Virginia's state requirements. CPMI has at-home study options such as traditional textbook courses with convenient options of video, DVD, or audio CDs along with exam preparation programs. Before being eligible to take the Insurance Broker Exam, you must first pass an approved licensing education course like the courses CPMI offers. For questions regarding group rates, please give us a call at 815-271-8200.

If you are interested in a brief demo of our online course, click here.

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