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Pre-Courses for Property and Casualty Exam

When you decided to look into starting a new career, it probably never occurred to you that it could be so easy. CPMI has a great team of specialists ready to take you the distance you need to go to pass the Property and Casualty Exam for Indiana. With years of experience in teaching people throughout our courses, we can assure you that not only are we preparing you for your exam but educating you in the field of Property and Casualty. We hope you join many others like yourself throughout the nation in one of our courses; we would love to help you along the way to your new career. Grab your place with our team by clicking on the course link at the top of the page.

Here at CPMI, we know that not everyone learns the same, that is why we offer a few different course styles to help you select the best style for yourself. These courses include online courses and classroom-like settings, allowing you to find a rhythm that you are able work at. Each course has been designed with you in mind; we know you may be working around a busy schedule so our courses will not be a conflict. We also have a convenient self-study program along with Spanish textbooks and Spanish online courses if you need them. CPMI offers courses to further your education once you pass your exam in addition to the pre-courses.

Before moving on to the exam, you are required by the state of Indiana to pass an approved pre-licensing education course and receive forty hours of instruction for the Property and Casualty field. CPMI is approved in pre-licensing education and will ensure that you are given the full amount of instruction. PAN is in charge of all testing which is held at the Ivy Tech College Testing Facility.

If you are interested in a brief demo of our online course, click here.

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