Courses for Illinois P & C Licensing

Illinois Property & Casualty Licensing Courses

There are steps a prospective Property and Casualty agent must complete before they can receive a Property and Casualty license. Each state sets forth their own rules and guidelines for insurance licensing and protocol. The Illinois Department of Insurance is the unit in Illinois that oversees this. In Illinois, to obtain your Property and Casualty license, you will need to first complete an Illinois-approved pre-licensing course along with 40 hours of coursework. You will also need to obtain a course completion certificate and pass the Illinois P & C exam. CPMI is approved by the state of Illinois as a pre-licensing insurance provider and we have Property and Casualty courses that will teach you the fundamentals of Property and Casualty Insurance.

Once all the necessary steps have been taken and you receive your Illinois Property and Casualty license, you will be able to sell Property and Casualty policies in the state of Illinois. It is important that you are familiar with the insurance industry and P amp; C policies as you will be advising clients on which ones are best for them and why. A few of the more common things clients will want to know about a insurance policy could be the coverage it offers, the type of coverage it covers, what a deductible will be, and the current insurance rates, among much more. This is where a P & C agent comes in handy to go over all these details and help individuals in knowing and understand which policy will best fit their individual insurance coverage needs. P & C Insurance is insurance that protects an individual's personal property when it receives damage, it can also cover individuals from legal liability in the situation of another individual being harmed or the damage of another's property.

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